What Is Landlord Boiler Cover?



Avoid the high costs and stress associated with boiler breakdowns by choosing a Blue Emergency Cover Landlord Boiler Cover Plan.

This type of cover, often referred to as boiler breakdown cover or gas boiler breakdown cover, is essentially an insurance policy that helps protect your boiler and manage the financial impact if your boiler develops a fault or fails completely.

Why Opt for Landlord Boiler Cover?

When a boiler issue arises, having boiler cover means you can rest assured knowing you won’t face hefty repair bills for your boiler.

With Blue Emergency Cover, the call-out charge is included, and you also benefit from an annual boiler safety check.

Do I Need Landlord Boiler Cover?

Yes, it’s a smart choice.

Landlords are legally responsible for the repairs and maintenance of boilers in their rental properties.

You’ll need to arrange for an engineer to address any issues, as this responsibility does not fall to tenants.

Boiler cover not only provides peace of mind but also allows your tenants to directly contact engineers for repairs, which is particularly convenient if you don’t live nearby.

What’s Included in Our Plans?

Landlord Boiler Only Cover

  • Subscription: £15* per month
  • Benefits:
    • Annual Gas Safety Certificate (CP12)
    • Annual boiler service
    • Instantly available

(*This plan also gives you the option to include Boiler Controls Cover for an £80 excess fee and/ or Central Heating Cover for an £80 excess fee)

Landlord Boiler & Central Heating Cover

  • Subscription: £25 per month
  • Benefits:
    • Includes annual Gas Safety Certificate (CP12)
    • Annual boiler service
    • No excess fees!
    • Instantly available

Advantages of Landlord Boiler Cover

With Blue Emergency Cover, you gain:

  • Cost Efficiency: Avoid large out-of-pocket expenses for boiler repairs.
  • Convenience: Access to a helpline and unlimited call-outs to engineers.
  • Compliance: Meets legal requirements for annual safety checks.

The Difference Between Landlord and Homeowner Boiler Cover

Both covers typically include boiler and control repairs, engineer call-outs, customer helpline access, and annual services.

The crucial difference is that landlord cover also provides a Landlord Gas Safety Record (CP12), a legal document proving annual checks of gas appliances, which is essential for landlords but not applicable to homeowners.

What Is a Landlord Gas Safety Inspection (CP12)?

Conducted by Gas Safe registered engineers, this inspection ensures that gas appliances in your property are properly set up and safe.

It checks everything from correct gas burning to the physical stability of appliances, and the adequacy of air supply and flues. It ends with the issuance of a certificate confirming the safety of the gas installations.

Ready to Simplify Your Property Management?

Contact us today to discover more about our landlord boiler cover plans and how they can help you manage your properties more effectively.

With Blue Emergency Cover, protect your investment and ensure your rental properties are always warm, safe, and compliant.