Exclusive Discounts for Emergency Services, NHS and The Armed Forces

20% Off Subscriptions for Boiler and Central Heating Cover Plans for Homeowners and Landlords

50% Off Any Excess Fees on Gas Boiler and Central Heating Cover Plans

A Special Thank You to Our Frontline Heroes

As a gesture of our gratitude for the relentless service of our frontline workers, Blue Emergency Cover is proud to offer exclusive discounts for all Blue Light Card holders in Greater Manchester and the Surrounding Areas.

If you’re in the Emergency services, NHS, or Armed forces, you can now enjoy 20% off our home or landlord boiler & central heating cover or 50% off on any excess fee payments required for our gas boiler and central heating cover plans.

How to Claim Your Discount

1. Verify Your Status:
Simply email us at info@blueemergencycover.co.uk, with your valid Blue Light Card Number and let us know which cover plan suits your needs.

2. We’ll Reply To Your Email With Your Exclusive Discount Code:
We’ll email you back your code to use at checkout.

3. Use the Code:
Enter the code at checkout.

4. Enjoy Reduced Costs:
Get 20% off subscriptions or Get 50% off the excess fee payments instantly.

What included in our plans?

We know how to take care of your boiler heating & hot water. Our range of boiler and central heating cover plans come with everything you need.

Boiler, central heating & hot water repairs

Our trusted engineers will repair your boiler, controls, and central heating system.

Annual boiler service

All our plans include an annual boiler service to make sure everything is running smoothly.

Parts & labour

Your plan includes parts and labour, so there’s no hidden costs.

Unlimited repairs

There’s no limit to the amount of repairs with a Blue Emergency Cover plan or the cost of those repairs, giving you complete peace of mind.

24/7 emergency helpline

We’re here when it matters most. You can report a fault as soon as it happens using your customer portal or by calling our friendly UK based Customer Service team.


Q: Who is eligible for this discount?
A: All holders of a valid Blue Light Card, which includes Emergency services personnel, NHS staff, and armed forces. The 20% discount and the 50% discount is available to all new homeowners and landlords.

Q: Can I use this discount with other offers?
A: These discounts are standalone offers and cannot be combined with other promotions.

Q: How do I prove my eligibility?
A: Simply email us your Blue Light Card details and confirm which cover suits your needs.

Q: What if my Blue Light Card expires?
A: You will need a valid card to apply for and renew your discount.

Proudly Serving Greater Manchester

As Blue Emergency Cover, we’re proud to serve the Greater Manchester and surrounding areas, a vibrant and diverse community we deeply care about.

We understand the unique needs of your households and are committed to providing reliable, efficient boiler cover for homes and landlords across the region.

Do you even need boiler cover?

With one in five boilers in the UK breaking down each year, it’s likely your boiler will need repairing at some point. Here are some things to consider…

The cost of boiler breakdown

Boiler repairs aren’t cheap – depending on the fault, it can be anything up to £500 or more. Boiler and central heating cover will help ensure you avoid any unexpected repair bills.

Being hassle free

One of the many advantages of Blue Emergency Cover boiler cover is that we take care of everything, saving you time, so you can carry on with day-to-day life. We will send out a trusted Gas Safe registered engineer who’ll get you back up and running in no time.

Your home

If you are a homeowner and have a boiler that runs on natural gas or LPG, then a Blue Emergency Cover boiler cover plan could be for you. If you don’t own your own home, or have a different source of fuel than stated above, then you won’t get the benefit of our boiler cover.

Don’t leave thinking about your boiler until it’s too late